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About Us


Packaging is killing our planet, E commerce is growing and his carbon footprint too. You want to make a difference ? Choose Lulupack solution Lulupack is a reusable & returnable shipping packaging service for e-commerce, whereby empty delivery packages can be conveniently and easily returned and then reused. We provide a full reverse packaging logistic service to retailers as the packaging can be returned to collect points by the customer at their convenience. Once we receive it in our sorting Hub, we check & clean it before resending it in the market and, of course, reward the end consumer. (Incentive).

Problem Solving

We help retailers in S.E.A to reduce their packaging impact by providing reusable and returnable packaging while increasing their customers' delivery experience.


Less trash for retailers & Customers : divide by 80% carbon footprint

How it works: Circular economy

⇒ Retailer use Lulupack packaging to pack & ship his item ⇒ Customer receives Lulupack, takes his item and returns Lulupack in a collect point near him ( ie : K mart or convenient store) ⇒ We collect Lulupack clean it in our sorting hub and resend it to shops partners. (can be reused 100 times).

We, Lulupack, aim to be profitable for everyone

- End-consumers: Reduce client plastic waste Easy and free to send back near you. Voucher and discount available for each use - eRetailers: Reduce single use packaging and improve storage management. Increase customers engagement and fidelity Save packaging costs in the long run. - Earth: Less plastic waste 80% reduction in carbon emissions.

Business Model

Lulupack is based on leasing agreements with participating online stores. The store pays Lulupack each time a customer chooses this delivery method. The consumer pays an additional fee or not, depending on the store policy.

Target Audience

Retailers selling online soft products such as garment and lifestyle and willing to reduce their carbon footprints and packaging. End consumers concerned about the planet who order online frequently and want to reduce their environmental impact. Foreigners & middle class vietnamese. Target market: Vietnam : primary market HCMC/ Hanoi 1. How much can you tell us about the audience? Has a brand persona, analysis or market research been done? No need to go into too much detail now. Just give us a rough outline. With more than 150M parcel ship every month in SEA, the amongst of Single use packaging is huge making the region the most pollution on earth Population, especially the growing new generation is more and more concerned about their environmental impact but don t can t stop buying online as it’s an habit. they often feel guilty about the tones of packaging they waste but don't have options available to reduce it. Vietnamese government is also tackling plastic waste and single use plastic with new rules and regulations for 2025. Retailers selling online are more and more concerned about their brand image and agree to use sustainable packaging solutions as long as the cost is not higher or does not require additional operational activities. All above underline the need for Sustainable solutions that are not yet available on the untapped SEA market. 1. Are you clear on your values, mission, value proposition, keywords? Do you have a brand guideline available? (please share it with us) If not, is it something you would also need from us? LuLupack is a fun sustainable Brand realistic and envisioning the future. We offer effective, economical and scalable solutions toward a fun and joyful Brand. ( Tired of classic Sustainable brand scaring end consumers with negative images.. )

Why Reuesable

Eliminate single use plastic in e commerce to create sustainable consumption & production towards a better, greener earth.


Make reusable & returnable packaging profitable for everyone in S.E.A.


Be the leading sustainable e-packaging solution in S.E.A. Our Business approach is simple, we want to democratise the use of reusable packaging in the e-commerce industry through a strategy geared towards value creation for brands and a philosophy of sustainable development. We seek to manage in a balanced way the relationship between economic prosperity, social development and environmental preservation. We want to show that Sustainable can be fun and cool with Lulupack

Mission &Vision
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