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Reducing your packaging cost and waste!



We make reusable more enjoyable for everyone.

Reusable Lulupack solves your waste concern with a variable collect point network and smart logistic management.

The Packaging

Beyond a simple packaging



Made of recycled plastic

reusable up to 100 times Waterproof & tear-proof


To avoid shipping air you can adjust easily the packaging size.

current size available : 55cmx35cmx11cm


Tearproof and easily sealable with your usual scotch tape

Sustainable Price


We can adapt our offer to your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us.


"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Let's act with us and reduce packaging waste for the earth.

Who is Lulupack for?

You have online retail shop and still looking for a sustainable packaging solution.

Lulupack is for you.

*Convenient for non-breakable items


Easy partnering process

order & ship
Tell us how many packaging you need then simply ship your products in Lulupack.


collect & return

We collect and clean empty packaging before resending them to you for another cycle.

We also send on your behalf the reward to your customer.

Reward can be a voucher, fidelity points or donations (as you want).

Benefits of Leading the Sustainable Way

Lower Shipping Cost

Minimize shippng air! Lulupack is adjustable so  you save 10 to 30% of empty air shipped.

Meet Customer Expectation

58% of customers are prepared to support company that have positive impact ( Kantar SEA Report 2021) and 36 % of consumers say they judge a brand’s ethics on their packaging.

Reduce your Waste

Lulupack can be reused up to 100 times means less waste produce everytime you use it. Study also show that you reduce your carbon footprint by 80%.

Long term benefits

Lulupack helps you stay ahead of up coming governemnt regulations regarding disposable packaging.

Offering Lulupack on your website


Show the way! 

Offer Lulupack for all your orders


Let them choose!

Offer Lulupack as an option on your check out page

Lulupack is new, and you need a guideline to your customers?

Don't worry!

Beside the QR code on the packaging leads customer to our website where instruction are available.

We also provide you instruction that you can add on your check out page or insert in the lulupack bag.

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